Automatic Water Dispenser Pump,USB Charging Automatic Drinking Water Pump Portable Electric Water Dispenser Water - 102 Bottle Switch for Universal 20 LTR. Bottle- Gold

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This Smart Saver Automatic cum inbuilt Rechargeable USB battery water dispenser works on standard water cans and dispenses water helping you in getting rid of situations needing heavy lifting of water cans!
This proves as an ideal solution especially for children , Pregnant Women and senior citizens.
One great feature of this Smart Saver Automatic Water dispenser is that once full, the battery life will last for 15-30 Days (Depending on the Usage) and will work during power cut too. Smart Saver Automatic Water dispenser can be carried along with water can on the move. Helpful during local outing, picnic etc. It fits on all standard bubbletop cans. No unnecessary installation or remodeling is required.

Material: ABS
Operating Voltage: DC 5V
Power Rating: 5W
Charging Time: 3-4 Hours
Charging: Micro USB Charging Cable
Size: 2.9*5.1 inch
Hose Length: 21.7inch
Pipe Length: 4.5inch

1 Smart Saver Automatic Rechargable USB Water Dispenser Pump
1 Food Grade Silicone Hose
1 Stainless Steel Pipe
1 Micro USB Charging Cable
1 English Manual


1. Connect the silicone hose and insert the silicone hose to the bottle. Then fasten the water pump.
2. Press the button to pump out the water.
3. Press the button again to stop pumping.
4. Charge with the Micro USB cable when out of battery.