Smart Saver 6 pack RollUp Bag(40x60) CM Space Saver Storage Bags for Clothes, Travel Essential packing reusable vacuum bags for clothes - No Pump Required, PA+PE, polyethylene

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  • Just Pack, Zip , Roll and Pack like a Pro. Travel Essential 6 Pack Roll Up Bag(40x60)CM- you will use these prime bags for many times while you travel. they also can be used as a dirty clothes organizer while you are on a trip.
  • NO LEAKAGE WITH THESE AIRTIGHT REUSABLE VACUUM STORAGE COMPRESSION BAGS:These compression storage bags suck all the air out and keep it out. No gradual leaking, unsealing or re-inflating. You can rest assured that these bag storage units will keep your items clean, compact and protected. Use these Bags. Rollup bags does not require Pump
  • Bonus for all Travellers & Backpackers. So, if you're traveling, these Vacuum Storage ziplock Travel essential packing bags for clothes will help you save MOST of your luggage space with MORE items you can pack. So, repacking for the return trip to your beautiful home won't be a hassle anymore. They can be your airplane travel essentials to save your valuable carry-on or check-in luggage space.
  • Store all your clothes, pillows safe for as long as you want without worrying about any odour or foul smell. The rolling and pushing out air of the compression rollup bag can reduce item size by up to 80% leaving extra space in your suitcase and wardrobe. Create the Vacuum Simply by Rolling Up the Travel Smart Space Saver Bags. PerfectSuitable Space Saving Vacuum Bag for Every Trip! Ideal Compression Travel Essential Storage Clothes Bag for Suitcases.
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: We've worked hard to design one of the best vacuum storage ziplock reusable Variety compression bags that you can buy with top-notch quality & functionality, If any of the SmartSaver Space bags don't hold their seal (ever),we'll send you replacement with no questions asked.You have NOTHING TO LOSE, click 'Add to Cart' NOW.