How to store your winter clothes properly

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Yippiee!! Finally winters are gonna be over  and we can finally start digging out our little skirts and cute tops from the back of the wardrobe – and put away our wintery woollies until the next season. There is no point in wasting our precious wardrobe space on clothes you know you are not going to wear for another eight months.

But if you are like me who is obsessed with clothes and constantly worried about keeping your beloved woollies dirt and dust (and moth hole) free throughout their hibernation then I have a superb solution to keep them good as new once it's time to wrap up warm again.

If you’re tight on space or just love a good hack, here are some clever ideas for winter clothing storage:


Bag them up

 SmartSaver space saver bags (Vacuum Bags) has been a very common and popular item to own in every household. A vacuum bag will help shrink them down so they're more manageable to store. As it is inexpensive, more and more people are buying these items to help store their winter wear or clothes that are used only for special occasions.


Use your bed

If you're short on built-in cupboard space, opt for space under your bed to keep your blankets, comforters, pillows, duvets and cold weather outfits safe while they're unneeded. SmartSaver space saver bags are an inexpensive purchase that will keep your stuff organized. They are very useful in protecting your items from dust, dirt and any dreaded moth attack.


Store your clothing in your luggage

 If you rarely use your luggage and you’re storing it on the top shelf of the closet anyway, it’s the perfect spot for stashing those full vacuum bags.


Hanging vacuum-sealed

If you prefer to use vertical space in your closet, check out these hanging vacuum-sealed bags.



Be warned that clothes do tend to be a little wrinkly when you take them out of the SmartSaver bags – but all in all, the space they save makes it worth it. 


We hope these tips can help you stay warm, cozy, and trendy next fall.

Thanks for reading.
Remember if you ‘Love it, Vacuum it!.’ 

Upinder Kaur :)


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