Tips/Guide to getting the most from your storage bags.

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Space is prime property in any wardrobe, closet or drawer. With summers just around the corner, now is a great time to get organised and swap out your winter items and blankets and make room for summer wardrobe beauties.


When storing your winter tops, cashmere, dresses, suits, coats, jackets and other seasonal items until next winters, we have vacuum bags for the quick and easy option - just to get it done!


Most vacuum storage bags work in a similar fashion but SmartSaver Bags are Heavy Duty Vacuum Storage Bags. These have a double seal zip but Other, cheaper versions may only have a single zip and therefore not be as effective at keeping out the air. As our bags are made from 70 microns material, rather than others as low as 50 microns, you’ll also find them sturdier, so you will find filling them easier. Our bags are made of PA PE plastic whereas the other bags are mostly of PET plastic.

A little extra care goes a long way when it comes to protecting and storing your winter items.

Here’s our how to guide to getting the most from your storage bags.

  • Follow the care instructions of the items that you wish to store, particularly delicate fabrics.
  • Wash and remove all deodorant, food scraps, hair follicles, smoke, perfumes and contaminants before storing your items.
  • Ensure that everything you want to store is clean and completely dry. If you put anything away that is even slightly damp, you run the risk of getting mildew and wrecking your clothes, blankets, etc.
  • Follow the care instructions of the items that you wish to store, particularly delicate fabrics.
  • Make sure that you have the right size of vacuum bag for the quantity you are storing. See our sizing guide for details. Overfilling bags is the number one reason for their failure – get the right size of bag for the items to be stored.
  • Make sure that there's a couple of centimetres spare from the edges of the clothes etc and the zip closure.
  • Ensure the inside of the bag has not been allowed to get damp.
  • Do not continually fold the zip element as it will reduce its ability to seal. This also applies when storing the vacuum bags when empty.
  • Consider using vacuum storage bags for seasonal storage or, if you want to store things for longer, air the items stored every six months.
  • Some fibers require air to stay in their natural shape so, items with natural fibres like wool and fur clothing shouldn’t be stored in vacuum bags for a long time.

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Remember if you ‘Love it, Vacuum it!.’ 

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