Hanging Vacuum Storage Space Saver Vacuum Seal Bags For Clothes, Coat, Dress, Suit, Jacket, Sweater

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How to store all blazers and coats when the winter season is saying bye-bye. These are not only expensive but delicate too and not all Vacuum storage bags same, and if you buy the wrong type for your needs, you can end up wasting your time, money and efforts. All these space-saver bags work to the same principle, which is that you can magnificently reduce the amount of space you need to store things like clothes and bedding.

  • SMART SAVER VACCUM BAGS PACKAGE INCLUDES 2 HANGING VACUUM STORAGE BAGS FOR COAT - Hanging Vacuum bags are dedicated for keeping winter coats, jackets, dresses & gown whether long or short. This is a great space saving idea for packing bulky season clothes and adding more storage space to your closet. With the Vacuum bags and 5 hooks hanger design, you still can make out what’s inside. And don't worry, the items will retain their shape when taken out of these vacuum storage bags.
  • HANGING VACUUM STORAGE BAGS GETS YOU 3X MORE SPACE SAVING - These Vacuum bags compressed to approx 1/3 of the original space and expanded storage space for clothes you love. Hold up to 10 garments or 5 suits/coordinate outfits with this jumbo Hanging Vacuum Storage Bags.
  • HANGING VACUUM BAGS ARE EASY TO OPERATE- Vacuum seal storage bags with side-mounted zipper for simple addition or removal of the garment, no need to fold your Suits/ tops/ jackets/ coats/ dress. Hanging Vacuum bag's Swivel hook and hanger ring fit any closet & clothing rack.
  • VACUUM STORAGE BAGS MAKE IT EASY TO FIND YOUR CLOTHES - Vacuum Bag's See-though design with a special 5 ring space saver hanger, found your clothes easily with a glance!
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE - We've worked hard to design one of the best vacuum storage ziplock reusable Variety compression Hanging bags that you can buy with top-notch quality & functionality, If any of the Smart Saver Hanging Space bags don't hold their seal (ever), weÍll send you replacements for FREE with no questions asked.You have NOTHING TO LOSE, click 'Add to Cart' NOW.


Hanging Vacuum Storage Bags are actually a great way to store your wardrobe ‘off season’ or to simply get some extra space into a wardrobe by compressing items not worn often. They feature a zip closure, with a hanger inside from which you can hang a number of garments (up to 5 per bag). The external part of the hanger is the hook to hold the bag on your wardrobe rail. It unscrews to reveal the valve that you remove the air from. Once the bag is compressed, screw the hook back on and hang it in your wardrobe where the whole bag now only takes up the space of a single garment.

vacuum bags

The hanging vacuum bags make full use of the vertical space and save half of wardrobe space. Suitable for coats, dresses, suits, jacket, sweaters, seasonal garment. See-though design with a special 5 ring space saver hanger, found your clothes easily with a glance!


vacuum storage bags
vacuum storage bags

Vacuum storage bags made of clear plastic, you can easily see the contents of the vacuum bag. The removal of air keeps Items protected from dust, other elements and musty odours while its vacuum seal, lightweight and flat design helps to increase closet storage space.

The hanging vacuum bags just come in one size, for jacket length and one longer vacuum bags for full length coats and dresses is in pipeline and will be available soon.