Space saving packing for long holidays

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Are you planning on traveling this summer? If so, make sure you pack your vacuum bag!

If you think that is only done for liquid toiletries to avoid spilling, you would love to know I vacuum seal my clothes, too, so it shrinks and magically fits my luggage. SmartSaver space saver bags are simple suitcase space savers.

Using a SmartSaver space saver bags that removes all air from inside the bag and clothing placed within is the most space-efficient way to fold and pack clothes. Fold your clothes as you would for packing in your suitcase and place them inside the bag.

When it’s this easy to save room while packing, you won't have to think twice about bringing back souvenirs! On my return journeys when I have more to come home with than I left with! I find this works really well because I often end up coming home with more stuff in my suitcase anyway. I will have picked up souvenirs and gifts while I’m away so that extra bit of space comes in very handy.

SmartSaver space saver bags are great for packing your clothes and other items, but they're also great for keeping bugs and bacteria away from your luggage and clothes.

Here are some benefits of using vacuum bags for travel:

  • They help keep your clothes clean.
  • They help protect your clothing from damage.
  • They keep your luggage protected incase of accidental spill. (Water resistance)
  • They help prevent bed bugs and other insects from getting into your suitcase.
  • They're environmentally friendly A great alternative to throwing your dirty laundry in a SmartSaver space saver bags while returning from the trip .

Your trip should be as much fun as possible, so eliminate the worry of fitting everything in your suitcase by using our SmartSaver space saver bags

These SmartSaver space saver bags comes very handy

  • When I’m travelling with just hand luggage and need to save space
  • When I have lots of bulky items like winter holidays and ski trips
  • Family holidays where we all share one big suitcase – vacuum bags keep everyone’s clothes separate and save space too.
  • When I need extra space for all the snacks and souvenirs I pick up on my journey.


Caution: Do not overfill any bag. Make sure that there's a couple of centimetres spare from the edges of the clothes etc and the zip closure.



Bon Voyage!! 

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Remember if you ‘Love it, Vacuum it!.’ 

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